Trattoria Da Armandino - A Review

“La Bella Cilentana!” “Ah, the beautiful girl from Cilento” shrieks the relentlessly charming Armandino as he greets us for the third time in three days. His mischievous grin is persistent, only interrupted to entertain guests with wit and charisma on tap, completely free of charge. Dining on the Amalfi coast seemed to largely be an expensive story of silver service, white tablecloths and lifeless personalities. Armandino washes his hands with this…

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Hostaria Dino e Tony - a Review

“Make sure you eat it all up!” cries Dino as he sprints past his brother Tony before disappearing into the frantic kitchen of Hostaria Dino e Tony. These are words that I only associate with my mother as she struggled with the petulance and disobedience of my childhood self. But this is the first time these words have not followed with: “or you will not have any dessert”. Perhaps this is because only clean plates return to Dino’s kitchen, but I suspect he makes no such threat mainly because he has no intention whatsoever of not bringing dessert. The finest of hosts, food and hospitality run through the DNA of these two brothers. Those fortunate enough to enter their home will learn there is one rule: overeating is compulsory.  

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Trattoria Ermes - a Review

“l`ultima osteria di modena” is one of the many accolades Trattoria Ermes proudly wears on its rustic walls. Translated in English to mean “the last osteria in Modena”, Ermes Rinaldi and his wife Brunella have put their life and soul into creating the quintessential Italian dining experience. The result? Unshakeable smiles on the faces of many throughout an astonishing 56 years of being open. It is a privilege to be one of those people

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Artisan du Chocolat Tasting - Puzzling but oh-so Pleasurab

There is notably a Marmite reaction as our group bites into one of the first chocolate samples of the evening. The most common emotion appears to be that of confusion, and I think to myself: “This is smoky... almost like cigarettes, but surely not?”

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Butter Chicken - The Best Accident Ever?

Recently I stumbled across a recipe supposedly for ‘butter chicken’ on BBC Good Food. Alarm bells started to ring as I notice words like ‘healthy’ cropping up, and portion sizes of 367 calories boasted about. Then I read the ingredients. Bizarrely there is no mention of butter whatsoever... Well, in case it wasn’t clear: there should be butter in butter chicken. Lots of butter. And cream. And it isn’t particularly healthy. Nor should it be. 

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Purezza's Vegan Pizza - a Review

Imagining a pizza without meat was just about tolerable. Imagining a pizza without cheese, too, was just not something I was prepared to entertain. What a silly idea. But on the advice of a very trustworthy Italian, I gave Purezza a go. I left impressed, surprised, and most importantly, proven utterly wrong

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