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Trattoria Da Armandino - A Review

“La Bella Cilentana!” “Ah, the beautiful girl from Cilento” shrieks the relentlessly charming Armandino as he greets us for the third time in three days. His mischievous grin is persistent, only interrupted to entertain guests with wit and charisma on tap, completely free of charge. Dining on the Amalfi coast seemed to largely be an expensive story of silver service, white tablecloths and lifeless personalities. Armandino washes his hands with this…

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Artisan du Chocolat Tasting - Puzzling but oh-so Pleasurab

There is notably a Marmite reaction as our group bites into one of the first chocolate samples of the evening. The most common emotion appears to be that of confusion, and I think to myself: “This is smoky... almost like cigarettes, but surely not?”

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