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Butter Chicken - The Best Accident Ever?

Recently I stumbled across a recipe supposedly for ‘butter chicken’ on BBC Good Food. Alarm bells started to ring as I notice words like ‘healthy’ cropping up, and portion sizes of 367 calories boasted about. Then I read the ingredients. Bizarrely there is no mention of butter whatsoever... Well, in case it wasn’t clear: there should be butter in butter chicken. Lots of butter. And cream. And it isn’t particularly healthy. Nor should it be. 

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Bologna's Quadrilatero: Food Lovers of the World, Unite & Take Over

It’s 11pm and sleepy Piazza Maggiore is nearly ready for bed. If it were not for murmurs from a nearby alleyway, it would be completely silent. As I get nearer, it turns out the murmurs are laughter and it is soon clear what all the fuss is about. Wine is flowing and cheese is in abundance. I suddenly realise that I must have stumbled across the heart of Bologna – it's famous Quadrilatero... 

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